Dear Heavenly Father
Dear Heavenly Father, You have kept me alive yet for another day, and You have carried me through all my difficult days, through all my heartbreaking situations, and through all the trials that have come before me. I thank You with all my heart and soul for always being there for me. I thank You for never forsaking me, for never letting me forgo into a situation that was beyond the scope of what I could endure. Father, I want to start this day by giving You all the Praise and Honour, and to thank You for all Your Goodness and Mercy for giving me so many Blessings in my life, even though I do not deserve it. Father I know my best days are ahead of me and I believe that Your hand is upon me and that You are guiding my life for better. With You leading me and guiding me, I humbly ask that You keep me close to You, as I open my heart and soul to You. This I seek and pray for in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

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